Moving, Moved

This is just a life update, so, if you were looking for something grand of a post, you can skip this one. It’s only the third weekend of January and I feel like I’ve already lived for an entire year. No kidding. Though, admittedly, exaggerating a little.

I’m rather exhausted typing this. But I just wanna let everything out. After meeting 2017, I went on for a short vacation and visited my family in the Philippines. It was only for a weekend but I had a really great time just vegetating. After I got back to Singapore, which I may have already mentioned in my previous post but I’m way too lazy right now to look it up, I secluded myself from the world to study for my third term finals. If you’re not aware, I’m trying out for a scholarship this year, so it was a rather intense study week. The weekend after my finals, I packed like a boss and got ready for moving. I had so much stuff that I would have broken down anytime if it wasn’t for Jesus’ peace and grace. read more

3 Keys To A Victorious 2017

Jesus our Jubilee

Hello, again, friends. Today, I’m going to share with you wisdom I got from my pastor’s bible study. My heart tells me it’s right and so I’m going to give it a try this year and see how much it will help me.

It’s a new year and although I’m full of excitement for what the Lord Jesus has for me this year, my external circumstances are the same as last year. I have the same job (which is a GREAT blessing), I’m still not finished with my studies (which is NOT a bad thing either), I still have a mountain of books to read, and gigs of sermons to listen to and things haven’t dramatically changed for the better yet. I’m not complaining and I’m fully content where I am in this journey called life. read more

Life Update 2017.1

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Hello friends. It’s been so long. The last time I posted an update was a year ago… XD Happy New Year 2017, my readership, or the lack thereof, hopefully not! Wow, I’m 10 days late. I tried to post on New Year’s Eve but, life happened and I was out partying. No, not really. I’m not really the party type of girl. I don’t know how to party. Maybe I do, but partying, to me, might mean something else to others. read more

Life Changing Apps of 2016

I know it’s a little too early. It’s not even Christmas, yet (as of this posting). However, I wanted to be one of the first people on the internet who posts a list of life changing apps of 2016. Like that will ever happen. For all I know, buzzfeed already has a draft sitting in their dashboard since, like, last new year. It is still worth a try, I suppose. read more

Year 2016 Expressed In A Song

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I’m going to express my year 2016 in a song that was not written by me. I would have written my own but this one already tells everything I have to say.

My 2016 song talks of Jesus’ love that’s sweeter than wine. I haven’t tasted wine so I really don’t understand that comparison. I have, however, tasted honey :p and I get the point. Anyway, this song perfectly defines my year, which happens to be, the best year of my entire life yet. read more