Un Diciembre de Calibre – Just an Update

I don’t speak Spanish. I understand some words and phrases because I’m Filipino but I’m not fluent at all so don’t be fooled by the title of this post. I really just wanted to use the phrase “de calibre” with December. I don’t think it has anything to do with what I’m gonna share here today, though. That’s just totally random. read more

Of Friends and Social Existence

I realised a rather harsh truth today. I don’t really have friends. I mean, I do have two best friends but they’re both in different countries. We get to see each other like once or twice a year. Their names are Mane and Marge. We video call or chat sometimes but, and this is another realisation, both of them are taken, as in I’m competing with their significant others for their attention. I also have two people on my Skype, other than my family. They’re Kim and Laura. They’re people I met from ChristianChat. But they’re also far, far away. So, no I don’t really have a friend that I can go out or hang out with everyday, like go shopping or have a pedicure with. read more

101 Things I Hope To Do In This Life

There are so many things that we want to happen in our lives. Things we want to do, just as much, maybe even more. Things we can do, however, drastically limits the list and only the things we will do, have the highest chance of ever becoming a reality.

This is the list of the everything I hope to do in this lifetime. By hope, I don’t mean blind faith but having a positive expectation that the things I want, I can and will do. I’m an overly positive person and I believe nothing is impossible – with God, that is. read more

November, Already?

Success is something you attract by the person you become. —Jim Rohn

Another productive month has passed and I am a month closer to reaching my current goal! I will take this time to thank Terri for being my original mentor. If it wasn’t for her 6-minute podcasts, I don’t know if I would be here right now. read more

Welcome, October

For the first time, in all my years as a netizen, I couldn’t think of anything to write on this blog. Part of it could be because I tend to, not necessarily but close to, compartmentalise. It’s not in the way of separating stuff from other stuff but rather separating past from present and from future. I’ve been learning to live ‘now’ and enjoy what I currently have and where I currently am. I think because of this, I end up forgetting whats happened in the past, at least the non-important things. I try to keep a record in my memory for really good things that happened to me or I have witnessed, but my mind fails me sometimes too. And it seems that now is one of those times. read more