Category: Perspective

What Jesus Died For

I’ve been listening to Joseph Prince, as some of you might already know. I’ve read all his books and I’m attending and serving at New Creation Church. Recently, I started listening to Grace Capsule – a series of sermons about the grace of Jesus Christ; what the ‘good’ news is all about; the gospel. I’m on…

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Life Is Cool

Howdy. I have a few things that I should be doing rather than sitting here, typing this. But, I kinda miss spilling my thoughts in here. It’s been quite some time since I took a step back from blogging. I don’t really know why I did, though. I guess because I’ve found new ways to…

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Understanding Grace

After going through some trials and tough circumstances in life, that I’m sure some of us have, if not all, experienced, my eyes have been opened to an existing truth that I had no idea about. I call it truth because the “truth shall set you free” and it set me free from things I didn’t know even…

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